Your Secondhand Clothes Are Ruining Thrift Stores

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We've all encountered the problem before: your closet and dresser cannot hold all of the new jawnz you've purchased recently. You want to sell some of them off to make some money back and ensure that you can pay your utilities bill this winter, but that takes some effort and doesn't always work. So what do you do? You donate that old shit to a secondhand clothing store. Well, you may want to think twice about doing that in the future because according to The Huffington post, the sheer amount of secondhand clothes that shops receive is untenable.

In 2012, one New York City Salvation Army location reported receiving FIVE TONS OF CLOTHING PER DAY. And last year, Salvation Army only sold 80 million pounds across the entire fucking country. Have you been to a Goodwill or Salvation Army lately? Damn near all of the clothes are from the past couple of years. And considering how cheap clothes have gotten recently, fast-fashion companies are not helping the problem one bit. Seriously, why even bother thrifting if the stuff there is more expensive than what you can get brand spanking new? Plus, 80% of all clothes donated to thrift shops don't sell at all and end up in landfills anyway.

Seriously, bros, hold on to some of your stuff for a while. Maybe find the chill and sit on those double monks from 2011 and camo jacket from 2012 just a little while longer. I know it's tempting to just offload shit to get it out of your sight, but having it hang around it might help you become a more cautious consumer moving forward. And we can all endorse responsible copping habits.

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