Robert Geller Spring/Summer 2016 Is Completely Unfair To The Competition


Any Four Pins post written about Robert Geller can basically be summed up in an all-caps sentence stating that Robert Geller is our best friend. That's just how things go around here. He was in attendance for Alexandre Plokhov's runway show the day after his own—they designed Cloak together in the olden days of menswear aka the mid-00s—and I took a photo with him for the explicit purpose of sending it to Jon Moy as a flex only to have Moy meet him moments later. That's just the kind of greatness that comes with Geller and I haven't even touched on his latest S/S 16 collection, which was fucking A1 steak sauce.

On my serious wannabe fashion criticism shit, the only other designer I can think of with such an established color palette is Dries, who loves him some navy, maroon and goldenrod. Geller prefers mauve, washed out teals and faded oranges. No one else really touches those tones as well as he does, which you can clearly see for yourself. S/S 16 draws inspiration from the North Sea above Germany, where Geller grew up. Naturally, there were some nautical details dropped in like the tough rope wraps and corded cummerbunds to accent the theme without going overboard, no pun intended. Fabrics came worn-in, but also experimented with some crinkled nylon and silkier fabrics as well. All in all, it's standard Geller: more or less completely unfair to the competition and easily one of the top three shows we were lucky enough to witness in person last week. All praises due as per usual.

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