Palace Spring/Summer 2015 Hits The Sweet Spot

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i-D got the first look at Palace's S/S 15 collection and we're a little bit envious. But I guess it's just another example of how basically every brand is a straight up, real, actual clothing company now. Last year, Palace and Adidas gave the world a glorious retro collection and now it looks to be bringing the heat all on its own. Palace founder Lev Tanju told i-D that it makes sense for Palace to "try and make more technical stuff" because "function is important when you're outside skating a lot." Word. It looks like Palace has hit the sweet spot here with lightweight nylon windbreakers to keep the elements out as well as fluffy wool bomber jackets, which are all 100% British-made. It's enough to be warm when outdoors, but still chill enough to pound a few brews with the squad at Tompkins Square Park. S/S 15 hits Palace's website this Friday, even though it's currently password protected.

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