Obnoxious Outerwear? Cav Empt Has That

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The amount that you want to wear this Cav Empt snow jacket is directly correlated to just how much you are feeling yourself at the moment of purchase. I want to buy this jacket, but I've been told so many times that I have too many coats that I'm actually starting to believe the people who tell me such lies. You can never have too many coats and, besides, this is a snow jacket. Totally different thing. Snow jackets need to be obnoxious for safety purposes (?), which is exactly what this joint is. The panels don't match and there's a ridiculous tagline on the back that says "The objective of desire is the Real in and of itself." Yes, they capitalized the word "Real." Wow, really makes you think. About reality? Maybe? I don't know. All I'm saying is that having an actual snow jacket is worth the investment, even if your only winter outdoor activity is the occasionally shoveling sesh when you can no longer ignore your mom being a total bitch.

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