Le Protocole Outlook Spring/Summer 2015 Goes Archaeological

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You ever heard of Le Protocole Outlook? Me neither, that is until they hit me with their S/S 15 lookbook because I'm out here helping people achieve their dreams. The French-Canadian brand from Quebec, founded in 2010, appeases the menswear gods and laces the masses with a broad range of shit we can all get behind. The lightweight outerwear—mostly blousons and vests—plus the long and short-sleeve baseball shirts bring about visions of EG, but, like, what doesn't these days? That baby collar denim blouson with the one button at the neck really is a thing of beauty, but the most important thing to note here  is LPO's attempt to bring back covertible zip-off pants. This is some monumental shit. I thought we had left them by the wayside in a ditch somewhere in the middle of Australia to die a long and painful death. I may be wrong here, but it looks like the interior lining may be a different color so you can actually mix and match. Asymmetry, bruh. Can you handle it? I cannot overstate how much of a flex it would be if LPO could legit pull off a zip-off pants revival. Will it happen? Meh. It would be fucking nuts though. My history professor in college wore zip-off pants exclusively and we relentlessly made fun of him behind his back, as did the generations before us, because we were led to believe he was born with them on. Homie always looked like he was prepared to go on an archaeological dig at a moment's notice. But maybe he was simply confirmed what we've already established: It truly is nothing to stunt.

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