This Dude Is Voluntarily Rick Rolling Himself For The Entire Weekend (For A Good Cause)

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Sometimes I'm worried that our sick references aren't resonating with you guys like they should. Perhaps we've become certified Olds and you've moved as we've transformed into, like, your crazy uncle with weird fashion sense and trash jokes. Were you around for Rick Rolling? Have you ever been Rick Rolled? Did those stop in 2011? It has a weirdly in-depth Wikipedia page for Christ's sake. You should know what it is. Rick Astley was an OG meme and you gotta learn your history.

Anyway, this dude is voluntarily Rick Rolling himself for the entire weekend, though I suppose that because he willingly volunteered himself, it's not technically a by the book Rick Roll. But fuck semantics on this glorious Friday. This guy Jack White (not the ghoul who used to front The White Stripes unfortunately) is subjecting himself to 75 continuous hours of Rick Astley's hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" in an attempt to raise some money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It's not dissimilar to that time Complex Music had our own Alex Russell listened to "All Day," well, all day. He's going to be cooped up, listening to Astley croon roughly 2,100 times over the weekend, only taking a break when he sleeps. He's even livestreaming the footage of himself hanging out in his Southampton, England hotel room. As part of the stunt, he's not allowed to take a shower, read a book or any other thing that might help him escape the signature jam. What are the odds that dude goes crazy? Gotta be 100%, right? Hope it was worth it to save all those kids, bro.

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