This Guy Used To Work At Bain And Now Sells Fashionable Overalls On Kickstarter

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Bain & Company is an organization probably most famous for being associated with former presidential candidate, the "Stormin' Mormon," Mitt Romney, who at two different times served as a Vice President and interim CEO of the company. By all accounts, it is also one of the most prestigious management firms in the world, but I'm not here to tell you about that. I'm here to tell you that this 24-year-old fellow left his job at Bain TO SELL MEN'S OVERALLSBusiness Insider spoke with now former Bain consultant, Matt Jorgensen, who teamed up with a couple of college buddies to start Rousers, a line of fashionable overalls for the modern man.

I know what you're thinking, but no, this is somehow not an elaborate troll. Though, Jorgensen fully admits the challenge of getting people to take this seriously. I mean, I sure as hell am not and I doubt you are either. The "modern, urban man" is basically code for "hipster-like being who lives in major US metropolis," but will they go so far as to wear actual overalls? Well, I've seen a few of them in the wild with my own two eyes. It seems this shit is already a fucking reality and Rousers is simply the next logical step in overall evolution.

Rousers, being on the cutting edge of overall fashion, are, of course, cut a bit slimmer and made from a better twill to appeal to the mid-20s city-dweller. I'd imagine we'll probably see a bunch of Instagram and Tumblr photos of buff dudes wearing these without shirts underneath as they gallivant around town, sleeping with your girlfriend. For those of you keeping score at home, Rousers is very likely going to get funded, which is probably why BI deemed them worthy of a profile in the first place, not to mention that whole Bain snoozefest that kick-started this post off, no pun intended. So, if you haven't already gotten your fill of seeing women in overalls channeling their OshKosh B'Gosh days at Coachella, prepare for bros to start following suit.

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