George Zimmer AKA The Men's Wearhouse Guy Is Back Again With Another Startup

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Ya mans is back again. If you hack your memory banks back to June, you'll recall that George Zimmer, the man who has guaranteed you'll like the way you look ever since he learned how to speak, started a company called zTailors, which matches tailors with potential customers and gleefully labeled itself the "Uber for tailors." Well, that simply wasn't enough. The man who built Men's Wearhouse from the ground up is back again with a new venture called Generation Tux, a website that, you guessed it, rent tuxedos.

zTailors seems to not be doing all that great, Zimmer admits. It's doing its job and getting good reviews from the people who use it, but in generating around $200,000 a month, it's not enough to make weight. So why not double down, right? Zimmer, a man with lots of ideas, calls Generation Tux "the best idea [he's] ever had" and he's spent a lot of his own money producing their stock of 30,000 tuxes that are currently in a warehouse in Louisville along with a bunch of tailors to to make alterations. For about $150, customers get a full tux with shirt, shoes and cuff links. Also of note, the tuxes aren't name brand, but his own Generation Tux model, which you can see homeboy wearing above.

The best part of this is that it's a full-on "fuck you" to the company he founded and was ousted from in 2013, which does not have any online tux rental options. Considering Zimmer's worth around $150 million, why not just try to destroy the company that you built and were unceremoniously removed from? Vengeance is underrated, I think. If you need a tux because someone's wedding has a super wack, non-optional black tie dress code, Generation Tux launches today.

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