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Four Pins, for the most part, was a dumpster fire of stupid, internet-driven slang, 140 characters, run-on sentences with ten "ands" (that's called the Jon Moy special), obscure, nonsensical references to high school and coke dreams about moving to an abandoned town in the west and starting a salvage yard—or something like that. That is to say that a lot of the fashion-related stories weren't really about fashion. Still though, there were more than a few highlights over the past four-ish years. When we took our eyes off the timeline, we actually did some OK work. When the site finally goes dark, everything will be archived on, so don't worry. 

But if you're feeling nostalgic and don't feel like Googling some random keywords to find an old Four Pins story—odds are you probably couldn't find it anyway as our headlines were completely irrelevant to the words in the story—here are a bunch of our best works in one place. 


8 Things Kanye's Old Blog Predicted (And 9 It Didn't)

Woman Tricks Everyone And Becomes An Instagram Celebrity For The Sake Of Art

Drake In Real Life

A Brief History Of LeBron’s Hairline

A Day in The Life Of A Four Pins Intern

The Ultimate Guide To Pretentious Interiors

World’s Biggest Hypebeast Ruins Everything

What If World Leaders Wore Fire Jawnz?

How To Be A Productive Stoner

Why Menswear Is Ruining Your Sex Life

Does Falling In Love Make You Basic? 

Breaking The Hypebeast Glass Ceiling

In Defense of Justin Bieber

Some Things Our Token Black Guy Learned During Fashion Week

A Day In The Life Of A Freelance Menswear Writer

The Inspiration of Marcus Troy

A Requiem For NBA Jeans

DVS' Guide To Springtime

The Best Headline We've Ever Written

Every Time We Shit On Betabrand

​I Wore Jorts To Prom

The Secret Shame Of All Black Everything

Pretty Much Anything Bethlehem Shoals Wrote

Man Of The Year 2013: Scott Storch

Taking L's Like A Winner

The Art Of The Roast

The Real Problem With Macklemore (All the comments are gone, but if you go here, you can see them—and the old site)


Shit That Will Make You Laugh, Guaranteed

Head Coach And 9/11 Truther Pete Carroll Gives A Training Camp Speech To The Defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks

EXCLUSIVE: Fight Club 2: The Fightening Sneak Peek

EXCLUSIVE: Entourage Movie Script Leaks

I Should Be Allowed To Wear A Cape To A Funeral

Pitching LeBron James A Free Agency Announcement Commercial

If You Meme it, They Will Come: Act I

If You Meme It, They Will Come: Act II

If You Meme It, They Will Come: Act III

Thugory And The Hawk: A Rich Gang Music Video That Will Never Exist

The Stumblr

Black Square-Toed Shoes, Fed Up And Tired Of Your Bullshit

​The Fashion Conspiracy Theories You Need To Know About

What Kind Of Goth Are You?

The Man Who Resold The World

Overheard In The Four Pins Elevator

Current State Of Affairs: Tara Reid Fandom In 2014

The Great Movember 'Stache Off

Pitchfork Reviews The visvim FBT

The 10 Best Household Items To Throw At Your Opponent During Your Next WorldStar Fight

How To Make It Seem Like You're Having The Perfect Spring Break On Social Media

Planet Hollywood Owner's Guide: 2014 Edition

No, I Will Not Stop Slam Dunking On Grandma

My World Cup Diary

10 Summer Style Tips (From A Fashion Editor Going Through A Painful Divorce)


Ongoing Series

Red Carpet Wrap-Ups

Street Style Galleries

George Elder's Street Style

The “Most Swagged Out” Series

Shopping With Four Pins

Honest Unboxings

Under The #Influence

"Fashion Bros!"

Shurt Feelings

Shea Serrano's "Diamonds and Wood"

The "Honest Lookbooks" Series

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

The "What Your X Says About You" Series

What Your Tattoos Say About You

What Your Cigarettes Say About You

What Your T-Shirt Says About You

What Your Jeans Say About You

Jon Moy's New York Fashion Week Diaries

My First Fashion Week: A Diary

My Second Fashion Week: A Diary

My Third Fashion Week: A Diary

My Fourth Fashion Week: A Diary

My Fifth Fashion Week: A Diary


The Bauce Sauce Section

It's Nothing To Stunt: A Day In The Life Of Bauce Sauce

Current State Of Affairs: Rapper Guts

Is it Lit? An Investigative Report

The Evolution Of The Flex: Initiating Cool Dad™ Mode

The Four Pins Guide To Flexing in a No-Flex Zone

A Visual History Of Terrio’s Transformation Into A Style Icon

Four Pins: The Video Game

What Is An Alphet: An Analysis

Fancy Sweatpants Saved My Life

Jorts: A Manifesto

A Visual History Of Soulja Boy Stunting On Them Haters

The Four Pins Guide To Being Washed


The Four Pins Guide To Pretty Much Everything

The Four Pins Guide To How To Do Sex Good

The Four Pins Guide To Sexting

The Four Pins Guide To Fake Grieving Via Social Media

The Four Pins Guide To Summer Cocktails

The Four Pins Guide To Being A Male Thot

​The Four Pins Guide To Turning Down

The Four Pins Guide To Fat Guy Swag

The Four Pins Guide To Dying In A Crowded Room

The Four Pins Guide To Hangovers

The Four Pins Guide To Leading An Uber-Exclusive Existence

The Four Pins Guide To Funeral Swag

The Four Pins Guide To Swagging Out Your Dog

The Four Pins Guide To Man Buns

The Four Pins Guide To Starting Your Own Brand

The Four Pins Guide To Fantasy Football

The Four Pins Guide To Attending A Wedding

The Four Pins Guide To Coachella

The Four Pins Guide To Disappointing Your Dad

The Four Pins Guide To Driving

The Four Pins Guide To Lying About Your Clothing Addiction

The Four Pins Guide To Building With Fam

​The Four Pins Guide To Perfecting Your Online Dating Profile

​The Four Pins Guide To Subtweeting

​The Four Pins Guide To Quitting Your Job

The Four Pins Guide To Fall Shopping

The Four Pins Guide To Becoming An Art Expert

The Four Pins Guide To Being Washed


The Kinda Serious Section

The Time Is Right Now: How John Elliott Turned Perspective Into Progress

Why I Quit Tumblr

​Sad Boys IRL: Depression Is Not A Meme

Glenn O'Brien Opens Up About His Final Days at GQ

Global Citizen: How Robert Geller's Life Became One Of Menswear's Best Brands

A Conversation With David Casavant, The Foremost Raf Simons Archivist

No One Pyrex Should Have All Those Rugby Flannels

A Heartbreaking Work Of Swaggering Genius

On Shinola, Detroit's Misguided White Knight

Waifs And Wifeys


The 25 Best Brands And Designers Of The Menswear Era

20 Things Non-Fashion Guys Would Like Explained

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