Fashion Santa Is An Incredible Meme For A Good Cause

Santa's got jawnz

Image via Yorkdale Mall

Perhaps you have seen Fashion Santa floating around Twitter. He is an incredible meme that reared his head just in time for the holiday season. But it isn't just some strange, weirdly cool-looking, slimmed-down Santa updated for the 21st century who happens to wear a lot of fire jawnz. He's actually a part of Yorkdale mall's holiday season charity initiative. 

Fashion Santa can be found at various locations around the Yorkdale mall in Toronto and is always open to meeting fans—especially to take a selfie with them. For every selfie posted to social media with the hashtag #YorkdaleFashionSanta, the mall will donate a dollar to the Sick Kids Foundation, up to $10,000 total. You can check out the more than 550 photos posted to Instagram with the hashtag already. So if you're in the Toronto area and want to see this dude killing it in person for a good cause, stop by the Yorkdale mall and send us a selfie on Twitter or something. We'll definitely RT that shit. Maybe the mall will donate more money if it gets some traction. 

Also check out all these LEGENDARY 15 second spots the mall did for Fashion Santa, complete with a, like, hip hop version of "Carol of The Bells" and him just straight KILLING it. You can even text him questions and he'll answer! Check out the rest of the incredible editorial shots below. 

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