Chapter Spring/Summer 2016 Requires Reflection


Do you guys prefer lookbooks where dudes are just standing on a seamless in a photo studio or editorials where you can barely see the clothing, but the scenery is dope af? I suppose that's a trick question and sort of like comparing apples to oranges. They're totally different animals. But the resounding, enormous editorial is always fun, even if you can't see the smallest detail because it transports your miles away from your fucking desk. Chapter likes to go all-out on these sorts of things and S/S 16 is no different. The brand calls this collection "Displacement" and as a label that means looking forward to an unknown territory. It also reflects on the past, which is apparently why they used a very large mirror. Chapter's garments are fairly straight-forward for the most part, but they're typically done up in interesting fabrication blend to provide some nice draping or wrinkled effects. Most of it is in black too, so you can't fault that, even when there's no shade in the middle of the desert. You can get a fairly good look at some of the pieces here, which will also be shown in person at New York Men's Day in a couple weeks.

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