Chapter Spring/Summer 2015 Keeps Your Dignity Intact


Honestly, I don't even understand how brands and lookbooks work anymore. Then again, that doesn't really matter as long as we bring you that new, hot shit semi-on-time, right? Like, as long as it's in stores at the time we write about it, or will be soon, we're pretty much in the clear, which is why we're bringing you Chapter S/S 15 after we already talked about F/W 15. So, yeah, sure this whole brand imagery cycle is sort of annoying, but Chapter's gear isn't. They're typically all the way down with the murdered out alphets, but in the spring that can get a bit difficult when people start asking why you're always dressed to depress. But with the right recipe of layering and fabrics, you can still pull it off, as clearly shown here. Get some slouchy, layered shorts or cropped pants and a lightweight tee cut generously so that rank sweat of yours has some room to ventilate and you're good to go. It's a core tenet of the church of modern menswear that you never let 'em see you sweat. Everything must be effortless and elegant. Your dignity is at stake, man.

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