Chapter Fall/Winter 2015 Is Stuck Inside A Computer


I cannot believe that I just typed in the words "Fall/Winter 2015" right now. It's fucking January, man. How is this already happening? I guess it's just quick preparation for the onslaught of F/W 15 collections as Fashion Month starts up this weekend. Prepare your bodies, fam. I have a feeling F/W 15 is going to be lit as fuck and Chapter has us off to a good start here. In typical Chapter fashion, this shit is a city-wide blackout. Basically, 90% of Chapter's collections are black, which warrants an auto cosign from the Pins. The outerwear is typically on point in looks and function—big ass hoods and diesel insulation and all that. Things gets drapey too. It's kind of like Rick Owens light, aimed at anyone who can't handle too much drape, too many twisted seams or weird asymmetrical cuts. Chapter distills it all down to wearable joints with enough detail to satisfy us nerds. Peep that transparent visor thing on the coat in the last slide. What does Chapter think we're going to do in this gear? Perform an appendectomy while stuck inside of a computer? Maybe that's why I'm also getting mad Matrix-y vibes too, like when Keanu emerged from the adult-sized amniotic sac and was rushed down a series a theme park slides or whatever happened before he learned kung-fu and bent 90 degrees backward to dodge a bullet.

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