Brunello Cucinelli Spring/Summer 2016 Is Like Create-A-Dad


I'll always associate Brunello with fatherhood because he is a very paternal role model. It's also why I'm trying to accelerate my dad flow (and income) so I can afford even the smallest thing from Cucinelli. Normally, Cuci's collections err on the side of suiting to a point where it's just unrealistic to really post them here on Four Pins, but S/S 16 keeps things a little more casual and relatable as spring and summer tailored fits tend to do. We're not stopping in at a board meeting anytime soon, so shit like a rich suede field jacket that rivals the cost of three months rent is insane, but still very covetable. Vests are quite dad-like in general and there are definitely a few of those joints here, but for the cool-ish dad, a moto-inspired suede vest would probably get him a raise and promotion based solely on his swag qualifications. I'm essentially in the build-a-dad workshop, trying to outfit my imaginary father with 99 stats in every possible dad category from "boxing out in driveway basketball" to "embarrassing dad jokes." Personally, my pops would have 99s in "cashmere appreciation" and "vest discernment." Just make sure your own Create-a-Dad understands the importance of Cucinelli.

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