Take A Trip Inside Brunello Cucinelli's Utopian Village

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We love Brunello with a large portion of our hearts. His product, ethics and ethos are all extremely laudable. Like, for real, he's easily one of the best dudes in the industry. He's also a huge proponent of work-life balance, which is basically the most important thing in the world that never gets discussed and his village of Solomeo is constantly pointed to as a bastion of beauty and greatness, all revitalized under Cucinelli's hand. But I'd never previously seen the inner workings of the place, which is where this video from Mr. Porter comes in.

The retailer toured Solomeo with Brunello, from the cashmere factory to the arts center to the institute for apprentices. It's a truly beautiful place, all overlaid here with symphonic music and Cucinelli's smooth voice speaking eloquent Italian about his craft and town which he calls his "project for the next three centuries." Ambitious, no? But if anyone can do it, it's Cucinelli, forever and always, the fucking man.

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