Breaking Down Today's Biggest Posers

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I'm bringing back the word "poser" (or "poseur" if you wanna be a French dick about it). Straight up. This whole everyone and everything is "hipster" bullshit needs to stop. The term "hipster" is just too vague to be used as effective slander. It's fucking lazy and ultimately very confusing. The hipster stigma became too convoluted for me when people started saying that being into unpopular things became too popular and proclaiming such was, in fact, the highest form of hipsterdom. See how confusing all that was? The term "poser", on the other hand, is solid. It's a classic that should've never left the public lexicon in the first place. Most importantly, it works perfectly.

Now, I don't expect this piece is going to go down smooth for everyone. After dropping lavish scriptures on my thoughts regarding tattoos some people or, rather, some people that think Internet comments can change the world, got their itty-bitty fweelings hurt. Before I go in on various types of poserdom allow me to preface with this: Being a poser is the way one carries themselves. It's not a uniform you can wear, though I am about to GO COMPLETELY OFF on a few of these uniforms. We all have done poser-ish things in our day, but some dudes are out here trying to win trophies at it. The key takeaway is that some of the following outfits and trends just try a bit too hard to be something that, well, just isn't and never will be.

With all that fair and balanced garbage out of the way, let's discuss (read: eviscerate via slander) poser try-hands and their current most popular forms.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.


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