Engineered Garments' Sping/Summer 2014 Lookbook Is a Wavy Trip Back to 1968

Trippy mayne.

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You're not tripping out, you're just cruising through a very wavy Engineered Garments spring/summer 2014 collection.

The Japanese-based brand's latest lookbook harks back with a theme of "1968," a time when America's youth culture was enjoying the golden era of its hippie-dippiness. Waviness was at an all-time high, and these vibes are definitely echoing throughout the collection. Engineered Garments will always make you re-think how, exactly, clothing should work, and the wild layering along with loud prints might make you experiment like the hippies of yore. 

Loud prints and patterns, including florals, batik, and other original designs are defintely not for the faint of heart, but if you pull this off you'll look like a psychadelic surfer who's in tune with the goddess Gaia and woos ladies with beautiful poetry. In other words, the collection is very out there, but still incredibly wearable.

Hold it together for the rest of the winter, and get ready for this EG drop to head our way in the upcoming months at select retailers worldwide.

[via FreshnessMag]

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