Odd Future Shows Off The GOLF WANG Holiday 1991 Collection In New Lookbook

You just kind of have to see it to understand its madness.

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Last month, Tyler, the Creator and the OFWGKTA crew decided to open up a pop-up shop in Los Angeles and now, they are showing off their design chops with the GOLF WANG Holiday 1991 collection. The lookbook above shows off the anticipated collection, featuring the gang wearing hats, hoodies, T-shirts, button-downs, and even socks which are covered in demon cats, GOLF WANG logos, and psychotic men.

The collection will only be available at the Los Angeles pop-up shop for now, but Tyler has eluded to the fact that they might have some of the items available online, so keep your ears peeled for more info. Check out the full lookbook over on the GOLF WANG website. [GOLF WANG]

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