Abercrombie Set To Close More U.S. Doors

Frat boys weep nationwide.

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Abercrombie & Fitch, a suburban mall favorite for frat boys and sorority girls nationwide, is closing even more U.S. doors after an abysmal fourth quarter and a rise in international business. After already shutting down 135 stores over the past two years, the brand claims to be closing an additional 180 stores by 2015. 

This isn't necessarily bad news for the Ohio brand, as they continue to see higher margins with their shops in overseas markets. So while Chad and Becky from Tulsa are shit-out-of-luck, Giuseppe and Gabriella will be poppin' their collars and pouting their lips in sheer joy. Don't worry guys, American Eagle and Aeropostale are plotting their immediate comeback! [WWD]

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