Science Proves Women Dig Dudes With Facial Hair

But not all facial hair is created equal.

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Do you have a beard that your friends and family members are trying desperately to get rid of? Don't grab the razor so quick; your scruff may increase your chances with the ladies. A recent scientific study shows that heavily-stubbled men are found more attractive by the opposite sex. The men, who only grabbed the razor or trimmer when needed, were deemed better looking by women over their clean-shaven, light-stubbled, and fully-bearded counterparts. Come on, why do you think the ladies dig George Clooney and Ben Affleck so much?

We're not saying you shouldn't shave before an interview (that's always a good bet), but think twice if it's before a date. And if you do decide to temporarily relieve your face from awesomeness, remember: it can always grow back.

[via Esquire]

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