This Is the Man Who Got Johnny Cash to Wear All Black

Find out how he became the "Man in Black."

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Johnny Cash is one of the most badass musicians ever. His brand of folk-country was filled with references of doing drugs, giving a finger to the law, and shooting a man "just to watch him die." You could say that Johnny Cash was gangsta rap way, way before N.W.A. stomped onto the scene.

Cash also looked cool because he always wore black from head-to-toe. But, contrary to popular belief, the singer didn't always dress like the O.G. street goth; he had a stylist, too.

Meet Manuel, the designer who convinced Cash to wear black, and helped establish a bit of his legend. Esquirerecently interviewed the man behind the Man in Black, and recalled the day that he made the garments for Cash. When asked about the fateful day, this is how Manuel responded:


There you have it, even the legends of music were influenced to dress a certain way, and it benefited their careers, too. 

[via Esquire]

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