Would You Wear a Jacket Made From Real Human Chest Hair?

Harry and the Hendersons swag on a 100.

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There are two types of guys in the world: those who can grow chest hair, and those who can't. Sometime in the 2000s, guys were convinced by the media (and their girlfriends) that having a little fluff on their chest was no longer socially acceptable, and so came in the legions of men ritually waxed and shaved their sign of distinct masculinity.

But if you're one of the unfortunate dudes who has to glue hair on instead of shave, your days of looking like a 13-year-old boy are over. Britian's Wing-Co. has amassed a jacket that's made out of 100 percent real human chest hair. Gross, right? The jacket took over 200 hours to complete, and was designed as a backlash against emasculating fashion.

Even more repulsive, a man and a woman actually modeled the follicle-filled coat. Now, all they need are the matching hair-covered leggings, and they've got themselves a Sasquatch-like tuxedo. This jacket isn't for the light of wallet, it will actually cost you $3,860. If genetics didn't bless you with chest shrubbery, you might have to dole over a few stacks to look as manly as you always dreamed to be.

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