GANT Rugger Figures Out How to Make Pre-Fall A Little Less Awkward

Plan out your September and pray an Indian summer doesn't hit.

Pre-fall is a weird season. As August starts to wind down, people want to ditch their pocket tees, above-the-knee shorts, and deck shoes to dress like themselves again. Except, it's still pretty hot out. Fortunately, there are brands like GANT Rugger who get the concept of dressing for such weather—without looking overdressed or passing out on a trip to score tostadas. The brand's in-between season collection features the best of summer and fall: T-shirts underneath button-up shirts, white spread collar shirts layered with washed garments, and even trying to pull of a pair of shorts with a cotton jacket. 

It can be a difficult season to dress for, but if you take a few cues from GANT's editorial style, you can look great. You won't be the awkward dude caught in a 50-degree evening in a T-shirt and shorts, just because it was 72 earlier in the day. Instead, your crispiness will shine as your friends scramble to unlock the sartorial code that is pre-fall.

[via Gant Rugger]

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