Christian Louboutin Shows The Selby His Paris Home and Studio

More than just shoes with red soles.

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The spaces people inhabit and work in tend to influence the work and the lives they lead. The Selby connected with renowned and quirky shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, to take a look at his Paris home and studio. High-fashion might have the image of clean open spaces with minimalist designs or yesteryear's luxury. However, Louboutin's spaces are none of that. The designer's studio resembles an old-world cobbler shop, and his home looks to be a renovated work-in-progress. Also, the designer departed some knowledge in an interview. Read some of the best excerpts that we selected below. You can view the complete feature here.

[via The Selby]

Why did you start putting red on the bottom of your shoes?

It is a green light. "Follow me young man...!!!" Style with the color of passion.

What are your best words of advice to aspiring designers?

Follow your instinct. Believe, and only to this, to your imagination. Don't think technique!

What are your favorite places to find inspiration?

My bed.


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