Casio and Undefeated Connect on a Military-Inspired G-Shock

Stay strapped.

This past weekend, we found out that Casio and Undefeated would be throwing one of the dopest parties this summer. Seriously, A$AP Ferg, Been Trill, Migos, and more are all performing at an L.A. nightclub this evening courtesy of the two brands. 

However, at the time, we didn't have any images of the actual watch the brands had worked on, but that has all changed, and we have a detailed look at the military-inspired timepiece. The watch comes in an all-green color scheme, and is different than other G-Shock watches in it features a nylon band—consistent with other military-themed watches—that is branded with Undefeated's logo.

The watch will be available shortly through Undefeated's e-commerce site and will retail for $120.

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