Bonobos Makes Girlfriend Jeans For You, Bro

Slim is redefined.

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Slim fit is better, for most people, anyways. And is there really too much of a good thing? Bonobos doesn't think so. The brand, which is known for giving men non-dull pants options, is now letting you rock jeans tighter than your girlfriend. 

Bonobos has introduced its "girlfriend jean," which is said to "accentuate and flatter your natural curves." If your 484 jeans weren't slim enough, this is your perfect option. You could, however, just steal your girlfriend's jeans, but what's the fun in that? Plus, we doubt her jeans are two percent cotton and 98 percent stretch. 

Lastly, Bonobos give you this brilliant advice for pant removal: "Some customers may experience difficulty with removal. Take off with care, call a Ninja if problems persist."

Just don't try and tuck in your shirt, please.

[via Bonobos]

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