A$AP Rocky Discusses His Relationships With Black Scale and Raf Simons (Video)

He's also about ready to drop some "dope sh*t."

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You've probably already seen A$AP Rocky wear a metric ton of Black Scale and Raf Simons, that's nothing new. However, did you know how the relationship with both brands came about? The Harlem emcee visited the Black Scale brick-and-mortar location, and dished to MTV Style on how he connected with Black Scale in 2010. Rocky originally introduced himself (pre-"Purple Swag") to the folks at Black Scale, and they told him "I bet you'll make it one day." The single dropped, and from then on, Rocky has been continually hooked-up by the streetwear brand.

Then remember when images of a Raf Simons x A$AP Rocky collaboration surfaced? Hold your horses—Rocky says it was only meant to be a friends-and-family deal. So, unless you're down with the Mob, don't expect to get your hands on this collaboration. And the key to Rocky's success? "Most people need to be in a great space, or a really fucked up space, to most make some dope shit," Rocky said, "I'm about ready to make some dope shit."

[via MTV Style]


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