A New Jersey Thrift Store Sold a Vest With a Bomb in It

Deadly tags.

Image via North Jersey

We may have found a thrift store that Macklemore won't pop tags at. Last week, A Clifton, New Jersey vintage shop had a scare that might detract you from procuring second-hand goods. The shop's owners, who buy clothes in bulk from abandoned storage units, noticed that a vest on their racks had wires coming out of it and flashing buttons. They panicked and called the police. That's right, there was a bomb in the store.

The vest was purchased from a locker in California and was believed to be a movie prop, but the device was very real. Police then evacuated four blocks of the northern New Jersey city, and detonated the bomb. Will this make you reconsider the come-up of very rare goods for pennies on the dollar?

[via NBC New York]

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