Paris Hilton Rocks a Pair of Barbara Kruger Sunglasses in LA

Paris stopped by Give Good Art for a pair of Kruger-designed shades.

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In 2010, Barbara Kruger designed W Magazine's cover for their annual art issue, which featured a nude picture of Kim Kardashian censored with Kruger's signature red and white text. The text reads, "It's all about you. I mean me. I mean you." Like much of Kruger's work, the cover was a commentary on our obsession with celebrity, materialism, and the male gaze. 

Yesterday Paris Hilton donned a pair of Kruger sunglasses that have the words, "Your gaze hits the side of my face," printed along their arm. While Kruger empowered Kim by putting unapologetic words over her body, with Paris, the act comes off as ironic. Paris thrives on our obsession with everything Kruger works to challenge. Our gaze is hitting the side of her face, and she loves it. 

Kruger designed the sunglasses for artist Alex Israel's eyewear company Freeway Eyewear, who produced the shades to be sold at Give Good Art for $200. Give Good Art is a travelling pop-up shop that sells artist-designed products to benefit various museums and arts organizations for the Hammer Museum's "Arts ReSTORE LA: Westwood." Even if it's ironic that Paris was wearing Kruger's text across her face, at least it's for a good cause.

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