Justin Bieber Shows Off New Body Ink, Claims He's Done With Tattoos For a While

The Biebs is taking a break from tattoos.

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Justin Bieberjust got Banksy's Girl With Balloon inked on his forearm, a decision that sparked outrage from street art fans. After another round of tats, however, the Biebs may be done with body art for a while.

"Done with tats 4 a while... Where I wanna be.." he wrote on Instagram under a picture of his new arm tattoos yesterday.

Bieber's new tattoos are the work of Seunghyun Jo, an artist who works in Korea and Toronto. Last week, Jo posted an image with Bieber on Instagram and the caption, "Thanks @justinbieber for inviting me to your studio! Its was long night of tattooing you but worth it !! See you soon brotha you are crazy talented."

Bieber's arm art includes carnival-themed works, with masks and a jester figure. In the Instagram photo above, a gloved hand flashing a peace sign can be seen on the outer edge of Bieber's right forearm. The tattoo looks a lot like like hand of KAWS' Companion character, so maybe Bieber is adding more street art to his skin.

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