Brian Kirhagis Shows Us What Dalí's Paintings Would Look Like If the Surrealist Master Had an iPhone

Salvador Dalí meets the Digital Age.

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In a new show at Sacred Gallery in New York called "BK x Dalí," painter Brian Kirhagis imagines what Salvador Dalí's famous Surrealist creations would have looked like if he were alive today.

Kirhagis replaces Dalí's melting clocks from the 1931 painting The Persistence of Memory with cellphones, an iPhone, and even a beeper. Instead of a background of mountains, Kirhagis paints a city skyline. He also adds graffiti details, setting Dalí's imagined world in an urban landscape.

Updating another Dalí work, Metamorphosis of Narcissus, Kirhagis replaces eggs with the Facebook symbol. We wonder what the master painter would think of Kirhagis' modifications.

"People have often commented that my paintings remind them of Dalí, so I decided to take the concept one step further and imagine what type of work Dalí might produce if he had been born in the 1980s rather than the early 1900s," Kirhagis told The Huffington Post.

"BK x Dalí" is on view from September 5 to 30, 2013.

[via: HuffPost]

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