Marc Jacobs Explains His Crazy Tattoos

See what inspired the designer's ink.

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Marc Jacobs likes to make statements, be it through his work at Louis Vuitton or something as simple as his tattoos. For those who live under a rock and have not seen Jacobs' ink, he has everything from an iconic scene from the film Poltergeist to Elizabeth Taylor as Martha from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? A little weird, but Jacobs could care less what anyone thinks of his ink. 

The "saving grace of New York Fashion", as he's often reffered to, recently explained some of his ink. "It started off with my bull terriers,” Jacobs told New York Magazine, thinking back to a time when he only had one tat (he now has 28). As for his Muscle Man Marc artwork, he said: "Being on South Park was the high point of my life so far." He also went on to talk about the inspirations behind the red M&M, Spongebob Squarepants, Taylor as Matha, and the creepy scene from Poltergeist

Click through the thumbs above for a closer look at Jacobs' tattoos, and then head here to see what the designer had to say about each tat. 

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