Billionaire Boys Club Releases Exclusive 10th Anniversary Tees and Sweaters

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Billionaire Boys Club celebrated its 10th anniversary this week. In honor, Pharrell and his team threw a party in New York City with guests such as Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, Jay-Z, Nigo, Mark McNairy, and even Beyoncé, who showed up in a Billionaire Girls Club hoodie. Good times.

But the celebration didn't and doesn't end there. The brand announced it will be releasing exclusive anniversary merchandise throughout the year. The first batch is available now and it includes T-Shirts and sweaters featuring the signature 0 OG Logo with 10, X, or Tin in embroidery, foil, or reflective ink on the back. 

The shirts are $60, while the crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies start at $170. As of right now, both items are only available at the NYC flagship store and online.

Before (or after) you make your purchases, watch this video message from Pharrell. "To all the people that have supported BBC and Ice Cream up until this point, I just want to say thank you," he said, "It's been incredibly humbling to have an opportunity to express myself season after season..." 

Long live that BBC Ice Cream.

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