Artist Joseph Begley's "Slap It" Is a Bad Ass Lamp

This Londoner's lamp design is a turn on.

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London-based artist Joseph Begley has figured out a way to turn an everyday task into a humorous (and somewhat erotic) stress reliever with his new invention Slap It. Shaped like a perky backside and constructed from silicone, this lamp looks and feels like the real thing. Slap It comes in a variety of colors: magenta, blue, cyan, red, green, yellow, and orange. It responds only to physical contact, so turning it on and off requires a rub, a pinch, a caress, or, of course, a slap. This promiscuous lighting fixture can be purchased on Begley's website or online at Petits Bisous, London's premier luxury lingerie store.

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[via Designboom]

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