Italian Muralist Ozmo and New York Street Artist FoxxFace Take Their Talents to the Streets of Little Italy as Part of the "L.I.S.A. Project NYC"

Ozmo erects "Lisa, the Half Naked Princess" on Mulberry Street at the same time FoxxFace distributes his 17 murals around Little Italy.

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The "L.I.S.A. Project NYC" was created by Wayne Rada to bring street artists from different places and walks of life together to create Manhattan’s only mural district, thereby encouraging art lovers everywhere to come visit Little Italy and soak in the unique beauty. The most recent artists to grace Mulberry Street with their talents are Italian muralist Ozmo and New York’s own FoxxFace.

Ozmo’s creation, entitled Lisa, the Half Naked Princess, features a half-naked (duh) woman palming a jar of something steamy and pushing down on Minnie Mouse’s head. The work appears to be an imaginative blending of Renaissance portraiture and modern, pop culture, internet mish-mash. A black and white human heart, pink carnations, a security camera, and vibrant blue negative space offset the classical beauty of the mural’s fair-skinned maiden. The "L.I.S.A. Project" has hailed it as exactly what the group seeks to promote. “It encapsulates many of the complexities that make our work unique among mural programs,” the Project told Complex in an e-mail.

After months of research in Little Italy’s Italian American Museum, FoxxFace selected 17 Italian-American immigrants to use as muses for his series of small portraits. The multi-colored, surreal works have been scattered throughout Little Italy, and the artist refuses to provide a map disclosing their locations. Curious pedestrians will have to go exploring if they want to see them all.

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