LEGO Figurines Are Hacked to Hold Electronic Cords

LEGO people have hands that are perfect for holding onto wires, and Sugru lets you suspend those people to any location.

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If you thought LEGOs were only for playing, you’re wrong. It turns out, the hands of LEGO figurines are exactly the right size and shape for gripping various wires and holding them in place. This discovery, combined with Sugru (a “space-age” synthetic rubber that can be molded with your hands) results in suspended LEGO figurines organizing your desk, nightstand, or any surface near an outlet.

The mastermind behind this awesome life hack is German citizen Andreas. “Since I discovered this by accident it’s my way of organizing things around my desk,” he said.

Following his organizational breakthrough, he posted his finding to Sugru’s online gallery, and millions of people around the world soon followed suit. The project has made an appearance on Twitter, where people post pics of their personal spin on the idea. “It’s so cool to see all the different characters and locations,” said Sugru founder Jane ni Dhulchaointigh.

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