America's First Interactive Crosswalk Sign Delivers Personal Messages To New Yorkers

A team of students at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program created Pop Pop, a sign that can read your emotions.

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People-watching isn’t just for people anymore.

Pop Pop, an interactive street sight at the intersection of Waverly Place and Broadway in Noho, has the capacity to intuit human emotions, expressions and movements, and gives each pedestrian personalized feedback. Pop Pop does more than tell you when it’s okay to cross the street—he says things like “Stay dry out there,” “Have a fun day cause you’re awesome,” and “Stop jaywalking!”

Created by Alexandra Coym, Sam Slover, and Steve Cordova, Master’s students in technology and design at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, Pop Pop is an experiment that seeks to explore how a human's relationship with a connected object can change when that object is given a personality. Pop Pop is more like Weebo from Flubber than the toaster in your kitchen.

If you visit Pop Pop and think he’s doing a good job, you can reward him by pressing his crossing button.

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