We Tumblforya: Craigslist Mirrors

This blog is a window into the minds of America's most creative and least creative sellers.

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Over the past decade, Craigslist has become a household name. Whether it is more legendary for its unmatched ability to track down unbelievable deals or for its potential capacity to aid and abet vicious criminals is perhaps unknowable, but either way it has earned its stripes.

One inspired (and perhaps bored) blogger, photographer Eric Oglander, recently began accumulating screen shots of mirrors that people were posting to the site. He decided to upload them to their very own host, one designed exclusively for admiring the beauty of these hand-me-down treasures. Some of these shots serve as windows into the fantastical minds of America’s most creative sellers. Occasionally, the images are so endearing that Oglander feels compelled to elaborate with title suggestions, existential insights, and other forms of humorous commentary.

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[via CraigslistMirrors]

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