Edward Neumann Has the Biggest Balls in the Art World, Even If They're Fake

A British photographer uses a transparent orb to highlight the intricacies of architectural design.

Image via Edward Neumann

British photographer Edward Neumann has been working on “The Orb Project” since 2011. The project originated out of his love for architecture’s bold lines, iterated patterns, and geometric forms. He began using Photoshop to manipulate his lovely architectural shots, deconstructing them completely and then piecing them back together to form new images inside a single transparent orb. As the project developed, he began superimposing the orb into the environment to create confusion, to force the viewer to differentiate between the real and the fake. He uses the orb to help emphasize his favorite aspect of architecture: the strong geometric patterns.

“A lot of my inspiration for image manipulations stems from this, as I strive to recreate my own worlds, spheres and realities directly from the world around me. Over time this has manifested itself into a confined floating world within a manipulated, one point perspective environment,” he says.

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[via Fubiz]

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