Men Are Shopping Online More Often Than Women, According to a New Report

Men are shopping online more frequently than women.

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As men become more interested in fashion, it’s not surprising that many of them have gravitated toward online shopping; so much so that they’ve actually become the biggest online costumers.

According to a new Bronto report, which surveyed 1,000 U.S. citizens, 25 percent of men and women categorized themselves as "frequent" e-tail shoppers. However, 30 percent of men claim they engage in the activity on a weekly basis, compared to only 18 percent of women.

"This was really shocking to me," Bronto's research chief, Jim Davidson, told DM News. "This is a survey of shoppers, not of transactions, so it could be there is a difference of perception about what shopping is between the genders."

Last month, a study by IBISWorld revealed that menswear experienced a 17.6 percent growth, becoming the fastest-growing online shopping category of 2014. Not too long after, another report concluded that menswear sales were also growing faster than women’s, and were predicted to contribute about $40 billion to the global economy by 2019.

But what has led to this surge? Yes, guys are starting to embrace style much more than they have in the recent past, but perhaps it’s technology that is making the shopping experience much easier and more frequent for males. The Internet has exposed guys to a slew of merchandise and has made it incredibly more accessible. It’s no longer necessary to endure waiting lines, annoying sales associates, or bustling crowds. With just a simple click or tap, men can cop their goods from the comfort of their own home. 

It's likely all a result of convenience. 

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