Palace Skateboards' Lev Tanju Says He Has Trouble Copping Pieces From His Own Brand

Palace Skateboards founder Lev Tanju speaks with "i-D" about the evolution of the brand.

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In celebration of its 35th anniversary, i-D magazine enlisted 11 brands and designers to create a series of limited-edition covers. Palace Skateboards was one of the brands included in the project, along with names like Supreme, Jeremy Scott, and Alexander Wang. As a a part of the on-going anniversary celebration, Palace founder Lev Tanju caught up with the magazine to discuss the evolution of his brand—specifically the elements that contributed to its success.

Tanju says that a lot of it has to do with maintaining authenticity, which is a factor that carries a lot of weight within the skateboard realm. You see, Tanju and his team have made it point to be very hands-on: There’s no PR or marketing department; the production and distribution is handled “by the same people who want to wear it, for them and their mates.”

“It's an honest thing," Tanju tells i-D, "so why wouldn't you be into it?" 

He also goes on to explain how “rarity” is a big factor in the brand’s success. Once that gear with the signature triangle logo hits the shelves or online stores, it doesn’t take long before they’re gone. Even Tanju has issues getting his hands on his own designs: “We just make it, and it's gone… I don't have shit that I well want," he told i-D.

Pretty insane.

The article also addresses how Palace transitioned into the mainstream without losing its appeal, how Tanju’s personality helped propel the brand, and the carefully considered collaborations over the years. It’s a pretty good read for anyone who is a fan of the brand. You can check out the interview in its entirety at i-D magazine’s website

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