This Kentucky Basketball Fan Is So Confident in His Team He Got a "40-0" Tattoo on His Leg

This Kentucky fan gets a premature tattoo indicating the Wildcats are the 2015 NCAA champions.

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A Kentucky fan by the name of Rock Wright is convinced his team will walk away with the 2015 NCAA Championship title. So much so that he went out and got a tattoo that celebrated the Wildcats’ victory with a perfect 40-0 record. Clearly he didn’t learn anything from these crazy fans

Though experts have given Kentucky favorable odds, the team still needs to win five more games in order for the tat to be true. If they end up dropping the ball, however, Wright has a back-up plan: He’ll change the “5” to a “2” and cover “4-0” with “38-2.” So at least he’s considered the worst-case scenario, unlike this guy who is walking around like an idiot.


@KatzM @WLKY He'll change the 5 to a 2 and the 40-0 to a bolder/bigger 38-2.

— Marissa Alter (@MarissaAlter) March 19, 2015

[via Uproxx]

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