Low-Key Gawdess


Margaret Howell is such a low-key gawdess. A lot of times, I'll see a true blue influencer's selfie and be like, "Damn, what kind of trousers are those?" And since I only follow real #influencers, they never tag the brands they're wearing because that's a thirsty try-hard maneuver. so I just gotta just live with not knowing what kind of trousers they're wearing. Until, of course, I see the trousers again later and can identify them myself. For those of you keeping score at home, 4 times out of 10 they're MHL. That last fact is completely dubious, but this wool jacket is really nice. Aye Margaret, thanks so much for making really nice, really simple garments. As a thank you, lemme buy you a tea and maybe those cucumber sandwiches I ate when I went with my parents to London that one time in 5th grade?

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