Here's A Preview of Trés Bien's Brand New Clothing Line

Famed menswear shop Trés Bien officially makes the transition into a small-scale fashion house with its first line.

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Founded in 2006, Stockholm menswear boutique Trés Bien quickly became a haven for clothing nerds in search of grail pieces from cult designers like Rick Owens and Raf Simons to labels praised all over the Internet like Engineered Garments and Common Projects. Long before high fashion and streetwear met in the middle, brothers Simon and Hannes Hogeman had been mixing in the likes of Nike Sportswear, Stussy, and small, independent brands like Our Legacy. 

The result was a shop that all but predicted menswear's current state—where high-end designer pieces play nice with covetable sneakers and streetwear staples like coaches jackets and baseball caps. While Trés Bien delved into making their own line with WELCOME, a label made in collaboration with Our Legacy, Spring/Summer 2014 marks the official debut of the Trés Bien collection. It's a step that marks the Swedish shop's evolution from specialty retailer to small-scale fashion house. 

“We wanted to do our own collection all along, but we wanted to create a platform first, our own world with rules and standards distinct from the fashion world at large,” said Hannes Hogeman to The collection drops next week at, but here's an early look.


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