Macklemore Purchased a Nude Justin Bieber Painting Off the Internet

The rapper's taste for artwork was revealed in a new interview with 'Rolling Stone.'

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Macklemore made a point to expand his lyrics to controversial topics on his latest album with Ryan LewisThis Unruly Mess I've Made, and it seems he's expanded his taste for art, too. In a new profile with Rolling Stone, the rapper revealed he has a very special piece of art—a nude painting of Justin Bieber covered in maple syrup with a pancake balancing on his boner. Yes, it's as weird as it sounds. The NSFW painting exists in the duo's Seattle recording studio next to a velvet painting of a bald eagle and an oil painting of Drake dancing. Lewis offers the only explanation he can for the artwork and explained, "[Macklemore] spent a lot of time buying weird stuff on Etsy."

Of course, the Bieber painting being sold on Etsy, like other paintings, was not painted without some inspiration. Back in 2010, Bieber actually tweeted about this exact situation—kind of. "Im thinking pancakes for breakfast....with some nice maple syrup. Who doesnt love maple syrup? I love maple syrup..." Thanks to Macklemore, Bieber fans everywhere will be spending their money to purchase this masterpiece for themselves. You can buy the painting on Etsy here and read the rest of the duo's Rolling Stone interview here.

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