If You Missed Liam Hodges' Fall/Winter 2016 LC:M Show, This BTS Video Has Got You Covered

Liam Hodges Autumn/Winter 2016 LC:M show pays tribute to the Japanese-import-loving British car culture that’s ingrained in the fabric of our society


January's London Collections: Men showcase was a stellar event, where we were treated to a visual apex of quality garments and a more streetwear-focused occasion. As always, LC:M not only looks to appease our visual appetites, but it's constantly challenging us to expand our tastes and our grip on what we consider fashion. Simply put by Megan Munro, our Style Editor, "the takeaway points from this season's shows were largely refinement, maturity, and quality." One designer that embodied that statement last month was Liam Hodges.

His Fall/Winter 2016 show was one of the strongest out there for LC:M, especially for such a young designer. Yet his age is not a reflection of the high calibre that he put on display; his show was all about the nuance and it carried high production quality. The collection itself was full of colours and graphics as Hodges' Fall/Winter 2016 collection took inspiration from Britain's petrolhead culture.

The so-called 'social elite' may look down on Britain's Japanese-import-loving car culture as 'common' and 'uncouth' but Hodges takes that notion and decimates it. Instead, he champions it as something that we should embrace. Defying the norms of the fashion industry, indeed.

For a deeper look into Liam Hodges' Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, click here.

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