Vitaly Design Drops a Full Line of Jewelry To Keep You Shining This Summer

Canadian jewelry brand Vitaly drops a summer collection of rings, bracelets, and necklaces

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Canadian jewelry brand Vitaly Design has just released its Summer 2014 collection which is chalk full of dope accessory options for you to experiment with this summer. 

The collection is a nod to classic masculine jewelry, offering a unique take on a vintage school ring as well as Vitaly's first ever circular ring. Other standout pieces include an axe pendant and the Kusari bracelet which is uniquely crafted to mimic ancient Japanese armour. 

Vitaly opted to forge the new designs out of tungsten—a rare metal almost as hard as diamonds that is often used by the military to build projectiles—so you can feel comfortable wearing these pieces everyday as they are built to last. 

The entire collection is available now online

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