Style Bloggers Are Now Earning up to a Million Dollars a Year

The top style bloggers can now have incomes of up to one million dollars a year.

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It is no longer unheard of for top style and fashion bloggers to make up to $1 milllion a year, according to WWD. How exactly do these knight of the keyboard rake in such high numbers? The in-depth article goes on to explain how each individual generates "income from affiliate sales, brand collaborations, their own collections and appearance fees." 

Apparently, the minimum that's demanded for an appearance can range from $10,000 to $15,000, and the cream of the crop can ask for $50,000 to show up at a high-profile brand event, such as a store opening. And in emails obtained by WWD, a popular blogger can make $5,000 just by posting an Instagram photo featuring a brand's goods. 

These guys and girls who are stacking coin don't have any disillusions of who they are and what they're doing. The article sums these personalities as "brand stars whose voices are subjective to what they do or don’t like at the moment — often times dependent on which companies will pay them the most. None of the top bloggers interviewed for this article say they adhere to a strict set of journalistic codes or ethics."

So you can bend your tastes and align your beliefs to the whims of companies who are willing to pay you the most just to reach your WordPress and Instagram audience? Bye, starting a blog.

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