Stephen Colbert Mocks the Kanye x A.P.C. Collaboration, and It's Hilarious (Video)

The talk show host offers up his own "hip-hop couture" clothing line.

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After declaring his love of "hip to the hop rappity rap rap," and stating that "there's no greater rapper alive than Kanye West, according to none other than renowned rap expert Kanye West," Stephen Colbert analyzes in detail the recent Kanye x APC collaboration. In particular, he explains why the white T-shirt was such a hot item. 

Colbert claims the plain white T-shirt is his favorite, as it's "made of 100% cotton, with ribbing at the neckline, and short sleeves." And to avoid getting pistains on the pricey tee, Colbert advises you cop two pairs so you have a good undershirt.

Noting that it's actually called the "Hip Hop T-Shirt," Colbert conjectures that the shirt is actually a collaboration by Fruit featuring The Loom. Colbert sadly delivers the news that the Hip Hop T-Shirt is sold out, but then proudly announces his debut of hip-hop couture clothing, the Hip Hop Tube Socks. Explaining what went into these expensive items, Colbert shouts, "Made in the Chinizzle! All my homies in the sweatshop say...nothing. Get back to work." 

For the full video, and more on Colbert's ventures into household hip-hop items, check out the full video above.

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[via The Colbert Report]

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