Fruition Las Vegas is Holding a Street Lottery to Get Your Hands on Pyrex's "Off White" Collection

Details on how to get your hands on the incredibly rare gear.

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Remember those Pyrex Vision x Fruition Las Vegas surfboards that took "wavy" to new heights? That sick art installation was a way to celebrate the fact that Fruition Las Vegas will be stocking the Pyrex Vision Fall '13 "Off White" collection in stores starting September 7. Since Pyrex typically moves off shelves faster than the product made with pyrex equipment, Fruition LV is putting together a Street Lottery to ensure you have a chance to cop whatever your heart desires.

Starting today, simply show up at either shop location in Las Vegas or Los Angeles and you'll be given a raffle ticket. Additionally, any in-store purchase will get you more tickets, upping your chances of victory. The winning ticketholders (and yes, there will be plenty of winners) will be announced at 11 a.m. on September 7, and starting then will have the opportunity to buy a piece from the sure-to-immediately-sell-out "Off White" collection and also receive a surf wax collectible that was created exclusively for this launch. 

You might be wondering what you should cop in-store for more tix and increase your odds of winning. It'd do you well to take style cues from these photos shot exclusively for Complex that feature the rare vintage and dope hard-to-find designers that Fruition LV is known for stocking. With awesome projects and gear like these in the works, this only further legitimizes Fruition's status as one of the best stores in the world.

As for the surfboards, these rare art pieces were made in conjunction with Fruition beginning to stock Pyrex. And when we say they're "rare," we're not fucking around. Only a few boards from the "Best of Heaven and Best of Earth" project will be produced by request, so if you're an art lover who frequently is associated the words "baron," "magnate," or "Saudi prince," make an inquiry into these pieces that will have sharks in the water bowing down.

If you're on the West Coast or down south, you already know that winter is the best time to surf. All the kooks have left the water, and swells start pumping to their highest levels all year. So if the line-up is the one area in life where your stunting isn't on maximum swoll, please believe these sticks are a must-have for you and your fellow beach bums. And if you're not a water-rat, one of these pieces hung up on your wall could easily bring your interior decoration game up to Kanye-levels.

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